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attachments unlimited ?!

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attachments unlimited ?!

cant find anything in search, so I ask you if you have any idea why I can only upload one attachment for one entry ?! I have set up everything for unlimited and the filesizes high enough. When using your forum, I see another button once I upload something which asks for another file. At my forum I don't get that button. Any idea ?
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Re: [blackjack] attachments unlimited ?! In reply to
Have you set up the forum you're posting in to allow unlimited attachments? In addition to the overall "master" attachment settings, each forum has its own attachment limit settings.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] attachments unlimited ?! In reply to
Thanks, that was the point. Had the forum in question set to 1 attachment.. all others were set to 0..(unlimited)..

Thanks for the help Smile