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Now that that upgrade is done with... Wink Actually these are things I've done but I'm sure very inefficiently, so it'd be nice if you want to put them in as actual GForum features :)
  • Would it be possible to add a DCforum-ish view, which is threaded, but with the replies below instead of just the subject list. See here:


I have it set to display it like this if there are 15 replies or less, otherwise it displays in the normal threading format. It's a user option, of course.
  • Polls. I tweaked it in but for some reason not all votes are counting, so it'd be fabulous if you could figure out how to make it a built in feature. If you want to see how mine display you'll have to login, you can use sampleuser, password test, and then go to the Polls forum.
  • I added a birthday_month and birthday_day value in the user table and then have it display a happy birthday note on the category list for whoever's birthday it is.
  • I changed all the word variable (ie "cool" rather than :-) ) emotion icons to an "Emotion Tag" category and then added a call in the convert script to convert the emotion ICONs without brackets, that way people can have [:-)] without the extra trouble of brackets (mostly because thats what people were used to with DCforum and it's easier to conform to habits than break them I think.
  • I changed it to redirect a new user to the profile page after they validate their account.
  • I added an auto-generated welcome message sent to new members
  • I tweaked it so subjects in the forum view are chopped to a 45 letter caption (makes it much neater)

Things I haven't installed and would like to see (this is a wish list Wink)
  • The "Read new posts" feature that others have asked for
  • A bookmarking ability-- users can bookmarks posts that are kept as a reference somewhere in their profile for easy access.

The main things I'd love to see though are the polls and the "thread all" view-- any idea if there's a chance they'll be implemented?

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Re: Wish list - see yours and raise you In reply to
Well I was going to hold off on my wish list and let 1.1.1 breath a little, but what the heck Cool

ADMIN - Users:
  • Search users for duplicate e-mail addresses.
  • Sort users by address or by user name.
  • Moderators - view accounting trail of their actions (new moderators scare me)

ADMIN - Forums:
  • Assign moderator by Category.
  • Option for moving Forums in bulk instead of one by one.

Forums - general:
  • Memo or comment field for categories/forums that allows markup.
  • Ability to control the category/forum display depth. Particularly for the default page.
  • Mark all read by category, if viewing category, instead of marking all read across the board.
  • Merge thread ability.
  • Limit Subject line length (I've got one guy entering paragraph length subject lines!).

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Re: [heavybombers] Wish list - see yours and raise you In reply to
Lol, you don't ask for much do you [;)}

Andy (mod)
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Re: [AndyNewby] Wish list - see yours and raise you In reply to
I subscribe to the "go big or go home" theory on wish lists <g>.

I divide mine into two categories. Admin tools that would be practical (to my way of thinking) and then forum tweaks that "would be nice".