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Which Server-Hardware for following project recommended?

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Which Server-Hardware for following project recommended?

I wan't to set up a dedicated server for a community (links, forum, classifieds, ...) and I'm looking for experiences with server-hardware.

My site (oase.com) has about 1.000 registered users, 800.000 pageviews (3 mio hits) per month and 24 GB traffic per month (running on a shared webhosting). I hope within two or three years to grow to 6000-8000 users, 2-4 millions of pageviews and about 100 GB of Traffic.

Most active part is a discussion forum. Now iti's running with UBB.classic (perl-cgi), I want to setup Gossamer Forum with mod_perl environment.

Now I have about 30-50 "simultaneous users" within 5 minutes. I think it will grow to 100-300 "simultaneous users" within 5 minutes.

Also there will be classifieds ads section with links-sql. And the server have to manage the banner-advertising.


Could someone recommend which hardware (cpu, ram, hd, ...) I should use?

Thanks and best regards
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Send a message to Gossamer Host support. Running GT programs under mod_perl goes easier with gossamer hosting. See what they suggest, and they have upgrade paths, so you can start smaller and increase as you need it.

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