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What's the system requirement of this forum?

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What's the system requirement of this forum?
My server is PIII 350, 256M Ram, Win2000 Adv.Server and Active Perl 5.

But open a page in my forum more than 5 seconds.

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backdream: May 12, 2002, 9:19 PM
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Re: [backdream] What's the system requirement of this forum? In reply to
That sort of system sounds fairly slow - Windows 2000 Server on a 350 would be quite sluggish in the first place. Are you also using IE on the same system? You would have IE, IIS, Perl, and MySQL all trying to use the CPU at once, on a fairly slow CPU. When I had a P3 650 on my own computer, I noticed that browsing GForum was quite a bit slower on my system than other systems, just because of the load the browser adds. Try browsing from another computer and you should see a noticeable improvement.

Other things you might try are using MySQL (if you are currently using MS SQL), and possibly PerlEx from ActiveState - but the latter costs money.

Even for a 350, 5 seconds seems quite high. How high is the server's memory usage? Perhaps you are swapping, which would slow things down significantly.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] What's the system requirement of this forum? In reply to
Thank you for reply me.

I make a mistake. My server is PIII 500,not 350. And I use MySql for my database, and browser with other computer.

Now I install PerlEx to my server, It speed up much more. But DBMan seems not support the PerlEx,It list some errors.

Has this forum compare the speed to other forum (such as PHPBB, vBullitin,use Mysql,or some ASP forum use MSSQL)? eg. All forum have 10000 posts, Which forum run faster? That mean ,Perl, PHP, ASP,Which have more efficiency?

By the way , I also use link 2.0, It not support Perlex too. I think it's the reason of 'require' command ,How to modify it?