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WebBBS converter

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WebBBS converter
I'm hoping someone could point me to a script (or even help create one) that would allow me to convert and import my webBBS posts to gforum.

I'm sure the script is not a complicated thing, but I lack the script-authoring savvy to write it correctly. Similar to WWWThreads, where each post is saved to a separate HTML file, webBBS posts are saved in their individual files.

In webBBS, the name of the file is the number of the post - no ".txt" extension, no extensions at all - just "1", "200", "3454", sequential in the order they were posted.

WebBBS script reads the data that is written to each post and through scripting, delivers the contents to the browser.

A sample from the contents of one of our posts/ file:
SUBJECT>Re: Illegal Batting
NEXT> 5534 5535
<P>: A1 takes handoff heads toward sideline, before crossing
<BR>: fumbles. Ball is heading out of bounds before it goes out
<BR>: of bounds, B1 dives and batts the ball back onto the
<BR>: field where B2 recovers.Is this illegal batting?
<P>### Here's what 9-7-2 says: " No player shall bat a loose ball other than a pass or fumble in flight, or a low [SNIP]yadda-yadda-yadaa "
<P>Armed with this ino, the answer is YES, this is an illegal bat.

Each post file is the same setup. The sample I show above is number/file 5529; it is in a thread replying to file 5528 [PREVIOUS>], and this post 5529 has two replies to it, the first being [NEXT>]5534, then 5535 (and each of those two have replies to them).

The DATE is already in unix time.

The EMAILNOTICES>NO can be trashed as all of them say "no" (I did not default e-mail reply priviledges on this board).

The text beginning on the line immediately after "LINKURL>" is the text of the post with HTML code included(<BR><P>).

The LINKNAME and LINKURL was placed at the end of the post if a user did not incorporate a link within the body of his post. [<A href="$LINKURL">$LINKNAME</A>]

Maybe I'm asking for too much, but I donn't want to and hate to maintain an archived board of over 6000 posts when I'm sure there must be an easy way to import these into the sql database.

I looked at the WWWThreads.pm in Admin/GForum/Import/ and would think what I'm looking for would be only a minor variation of this one. But as I said, I'm not a scriptor, so I've spent the last couple of days trying to hunt down a solution - and have not found one yet. Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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