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Version 2.0 functions

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Version 2.0 functions
Hi Jagerman,

Do you think you could list new functions that you are thinking of including in version 2 in view of an open discussion or will we get the list with the release without any discussion ?

I was thinking it would be interesting to get other users feedback on the suggested and expected new functions...

Significant Media
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Re: [Jag] Version 2.0 functions In reply to
Hi John,

There will be some sort of announcement and discussion of official version 2 features, however we aren't ready yet to undertake such a discussion because GForum 2 is still in the early stages of development. But rest assured, we will get out to everyone what they can expect to see in GForum 2 in the way of new features, changes, etc., and at the same time we'll ask for any new features/suggestions/etc. that the present (and future) Gossamer Forum community may have.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Version 2.0 functions In reply to
Guess I'll jump in early with my requests Smile

*conversion of hyperlinks into clickable hyperlinks

*a way to set up auto-archving (so that any threads with no posts in X number of days/weeks are transferred to some pre-defined archive directory.