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Validating Users

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Validating Users
The user validation process is not very useful, as the sign-up sheet asks only for an email address.

When I go as admin to validate a user, I have no way of knowing who this person is, or why they want to join the forum.

Could we have some extra fields appear in the sign-up when admin_validation is selected?

e.g. Name, Comments

That way I could customize the sign up page and ask for specific info in the comments field that would help me evaluate whether to validate the user.


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Re: [bdienes] Validating Users In reply to
The signup page can be modified to contain any of the fields in the User table (you can see all the fields by going to Tools -> Table Editor -> User).

The easiest thing to do would be to add a TEXT column "user_signup_comments" (or something similar). Then, on the signup page, also include a textarea named "user_signup_comments" and when they submit, whatever they enter will be stored. You will see this data when you click on the username on the validate page.

Jason Rhinelander
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