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Users who wish to close their account?

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Users who wish to close their account?
Every now and then, I get a user who replies to a forum mailing and asks to be removed from the mailing list. I would imagine that as an administrator, most people would essentially say - if you are a member, then you get the mailings, we send out MAYBE one a month so deal with it and enjoy the forum. But there are some people who would rather just close their account.

Is there a way for users to disable their own account? User could log in, go to edit preferences - click on CLOSE account, receive a confirmation warning, then the account could be closed. I do not like the idea of a link in the e-mail like:


because there is too great of an opportunity for that person to start closing other accounts, thus the need to go through the log-in process. I do not want to delete the account, just disable it so I can send out messages to ENABLED users.
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Re: [shiner] Users who wish to close their account? In reply to
Hi shiner,

Yes, I like that idea - I've added this to the GForum 2 list. I'm thinking it should be an admin option as to whether or not a user shutting down their account actually deletes the account or just disables it.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Users who wish to close their account? In reply to
Great! If the account is disabled, that user still receives mass e-mails to all users. Can you make an admin option for disabled accounts to either not receive mailings, or change the user e-mail to disabled@x.com

I have found that in most cases, people want to close their account when they feel like they have received an unsolicited e-mail.