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User Subscriptions

Just a quick note you may want to consider for an additional feature to a future upgrade- or perhaps you can show me where I am overlooking this feature in the present version!

In any case, here is the scenario: every couple days, I get returned mail from a user who is either no longer accepting mail from us, or otherwise had the mail returned to us. What I do at that point is disable the user in Comm, Links and Forum. However, if the returned e-mail was generated because they are subscribed to a forum, there is no easy way to unsubscribe them.

I would suggest that subscribe.cgi (or whatever it is) either check that the user is validated before sending a subscription- or (and I think a better option!) add "Subscribed To" and "Remove Subscrition" to the Users Gossamer Forum Admin profile.

Just my 2 cents!

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Re: [carfac] User Subscriptions In reply to
I'll second this one.

I've also like be able force an "account on hold pending new e-mail verification" routine. Something where the user logs in with their existing address & password, but is forced to submit a new address for verification before they can access the rest of the board.