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User Manual / Administrator Manual

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User Manual / Administrator Manual
Are you folks at Gossamer Threads by any chance working on a User Manual (for registered/unregistered users of specific Gossamer Threads installations) and a beefed-up Administrator Manual?

The current help file that serves as an Administrator Manual is really pretty inadequate. I'm sure you are well aware of that. Many detailed options etc. are just not explained at all.

I also found it quite problematic that there's no user help file to link in for users of the system. Fortunately, Bruce Dienes, who hosts my web site, had written a small one for a site he was administering. His is at:
It contains a lot of material about who can use the site etc. that isn't generic, but also lots of generic info.

I adapted and slightly expanded his for the site I am administering. It's still far from complete, mind you. Mine is at:

Perhaps, if you really don't have anything at all, you could start from one of these and expand it into something generally useful for all users.
Dan Cooperstock
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Re: [DanCooperstock] User Manual / Administrator Manual In reply to

We have almost finished our administrator manual. It should be available soon.

We don't yet have a user manual started, but do plan on creating one.


Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: [DanCooperstock] User Manual / Administrator Manual In reply to

Well done.

A few comments:

Default Post Style - you can choose between Mark-Up and Plain Text. Mark-Up will show all the mark-ups added to posts. Plain Text will not show mark-ups.
Default Private Message Style - Same as above, for display of private messages sent to you through the website.

Default Post Display - 'Threaded' will display all the replies to a post automatically, while 'Flat' will only show that there are replies, without displaying them.
In flat view, when viewing thread - gives a couple of options for what happens when you view a thread (the original, or root, message with a given subject line, and all replies to it)

Now this one I am sure about Angelic You have mixed up the two modes (but explain them fine).