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User/Group - Strange Problems

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User/Group - Strange Problems
The last week I have been m.i.a to my wife - downloaded and licensed GT 1.1.8 eight days ago.

I am bleary-eyed from having been working @ it each night until 5 and 6 in the morning, reading hundreds of posts here, updating the bug patches (Tools.pm, Bans.pm, Message.pm, and Group.pm), and modifying all my templates (oh for skins!) for our site. Yes, we have downloaded, printed, and notebooked and already dog-eared the GT Forum User Manual.

And took Boomer's lead and I have now about 740 free-email servers (not counting mail2world.com's 2000 other choices) on my banned e-mail list. But that's another topic.

We've been successful at creating new columns in the user database through the Tools Table editor (though just as easily done through pHp admin) and modified both the signup page and the edit basic profile pages to store additional member information (lots of trials and tribulations getting the right language, but it now works like a charm).

I've been testing GT all week to insure it looks and operates as we want it to on our site within the parameters of what it can do. We want to work out the bugs before transitioning from our current board to GT Forum. (6000 messages in our old board that will convert over later).

Here are the updates I have made:

Group.pm (update placed into admin/GForum/Table/) - Revision : $Id: Group.pm,v 1.14 2002/08/27 23:02:26 jagerman Exp $

Group.pm (original left intact in admin/GForum/) - Revision : $Id: Group.pm,v 1.7 2001/12/07 23:42:27 jagerman Exp $

Tools.pm (update placed into admin/GForum/) - Revision : $Id: Tools.pm,v 1.28 2002/10/30 00:09:57 jagerman Exp $

Message.pm (update placed into admin/GForum/) - Revision : $Id: Message.pm,v 2003/01/31 21:36:39 jagerman Exp $

Convert.pm (update placed into admin/GForum/) - Revision : $Id: Convert.pm,v 2003/04/13 20:14:25 jagerman Exp $

Having said all that, here's our problem - one that was raised in an earlier post in January (http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...orum.cgi?post=229990), but still seems to be unanswered - or at least undocumented within GT Forum Discussion threads.

Here are the steps we did:

1) Create 11 forums, set viewable/read/post/reply access permissions for each.

2) Create a guest user, add new users via signup page, validate some as registered, not validate others, for testing purposes.

3) Add new user groups -

NOW the problems materialize. When in admin control panel, go to users-list all-search results-modify (to look at the records of individual users) - EVERY user has been made a member of ALL of the user groups - and no way to delete them from the groups through these user pages;

4) Go to groups - none of the users are listed as members of any groups - no way to delete them from the groups pages, because no users are listed as members to delete;

5) Go to forums - all users have been made moderators of ALL forums - no way to delete them from the forums pages;

6) Go back to groups - look at moderators group - no one is listed as a moderator to delete.

Arrrghhhh - I feel like a dog chasing its tail - that, or a big wheel, since I keep going around in circles.

I even deleted all the groups, deleted all the users, then added users back in and then recreated groups - all of the above re-occurred. So then, I again deleted all the users and all the groups, this time creating the groups first and then adding the users. Same problem.

Sorry for being verbose, but I wanted you/someone to see the full scope of my frustrating experience.

I'm not even going to add plug-ins until I have this worked out.

I'm totally brain-fried now. Any solutions? Observations?

Winners never quit, and Quitters never win, and those who never ever win and never quit are called Idiots.
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Re: [WhiteHat] User/Group - Strange Problems In reply to
Are you certain that the users are really members of the groups? Let me post a couple of screenshots.

GForum-Groups-None.png - this is what the "modify" user record looks like when the user is not a member of groups.
GForum-Groups-Some.png - this is what the user record looks like when the user _is_ a member of some groups.

The Moderator select box works the same way. I expect this is where the confusion lies, but let me know.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] User/Group - Strange Problems In reply to
LOL... okay...

It never dawned on me that these were select boxes.

The admin screens list the names, but there is no reference to that fact that these were not default choices. I see now that these names are just users from whom one could select. That is wherein the confusion was. I will modify my own admin templates to state that fact. Not that I should forget this fact. hehe

I can see where this will be a rather cumbersome exercise as the number of users grow; hopefully there will be a different setup feature for this in v2.0.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Winners never quit, and Quitters never win, and those who never ever win and never quit are called Idiots.