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Hi everyone,

this is just to say that the upgrade 1.1.3 --> 1.1.4 went very smoothly for me. Congratualtions. I like the "disable forum for all except admins" option.

The only thing that went wrong (again), was that it overwrote the default user_post_titles (I had no titles, it probably doesn't happen if you have titles which are different from the default ones).

So, go ahead and upgrade.

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Re: Painless upgrade here In reply to
Painless upgrade here as well. I especially like the ability to direct first time log ins to the edit profile page.

How about adding line numbers to the Edit Templates form? When I'm checking the ChangeLog and pull up a template, select differences I get the line number. But unless I pull the document down into an editing tool - the line number reference of the different code doesn't do me much good.

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HeavyBombers: Apr 26, 2002, 9:08 AM
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Re: [HeavyBombers] Painless upgrade here In reply to

Good idea! We added this to FileMan (if you edit the tempalte in FileMan, there is a jump to line number feature), but the main template editor could use it as well.


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Re: [Alex] Painless upgrade here In reply to
Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, but today is only the 2nd time I've ever clicked on the "Fileman" link, since v.1.1.1.

Maybe I better spend some time with it and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into.