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Upgrade Error

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Upgrade Error
I recently installed your Forum product for testing. I noticed your bug-fix version and attempted to install that over the trial version. This was the error I obtained:

Performing Gossamer Forum 1.0.0 -> 1.1.0 upgrades...
Removing 'user_cookies' column from the User table ...


An error occured:

GT::SQL (5103): No database def file -- create def file with
->set_connect before calling $obj->editor(). at (eval 11) line 7.
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Re: [oog] Upgrade Error In reply to
Version 1.1.3?



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Re: [tandat] Upgrade Error In reply to
Yep, whatever was cliaming to be the latest and greatest. The version I have currently is 1.1.1. The version I was attempting to upgrade to was 1.1.3 (the last posted build).
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Re: [oog] Upgrade Error In reply to
Are you sure you had the right path to the admin? It looks like it was attempting to upgrade an old partially-complete installation of GForum 1.0.0. Also check your "version" variable in admin/Config/Data.pm - it should be "1.1.1"

Jason Rhinelander
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