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Uncheck Append Signature

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Uncheck Append Signature
How can I have the "Append signature to post" check box in a post form default to unchecked? I can do it for e-mail notification in my profile settings but can't seem to find it for the signature.
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Re: [Eric P] Uncheck Append Signature In reply to
Edit the template include_post_common_write.html and include_post_html_common_write.html

where you see this code:

<input name="post_append_signature" type="checkbox" tabindex=7 value="1"<%if post_append_signature%> checked<%endif%>>

delete this: "<%if post_append_signature%> checked<%endif%>

Then the final code should be this:

<input name="post_append_signature" type="checkbox" tabindex=7 value="1">

Hope this help Smile

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Re: [webconferencia] Uncheck Append Signature In reply to
Thanks again. I saw that in the template so I grepped my way around the code for it. Never did see where it was initialized. Gotta be somewhere.