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Two suggestions

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Two suggestions

1- Since the more people know forums powered by Gossamer Forum, the more it's good for your business, why not include as soon as you can in your forum software a feature that will allow users to send by emails forum pages or forum posts to other people (to their friends)? It could be something like:

- "Send this post to a friend" in include_post_display.html

- "Send this thread to a friend" at the bottom of the threads pages (it could be included in include_footer.html)

- "Send this page to a friend" for all others pages (it could be included in include_footer.html)

All these links would be related to a form which will change depending if it's a user or a guest. Also there could be a link in all emails notifications like: "To talk to your friends about our forum, click on this link: http://www...." It's not necessary that the form sends complete posts or pages, just the link of them would be nice.

2- It would be great also if there was a feature for reporting bad posts to one or many administrators (and/or moderators). Something like "Report this post to the administrator" in include_post_display.html.

François Wink

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Franco: Jul 5, 2002, 6:49 AM