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Tsunami, etc

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Tsunami, etc
I posted this in the Links SQL forum area, but since some sites may be discussion only, and there really is no cross-product, or "business" issues forum (yet?), I'm putting a copy here.


Has anyone set up a site for Tsunami, Earthquake, or Volcano information?

In the wake of the events in Indonesia (and we deal directly with a couple of businesses -- that fortunately survived), information on this has again bubbled to the top. Volcanos and Earthquakes have always been popular searches, due to elementary school geo projects, but now waves, tidal waves, tsunami and hurricanes (and possibly oceanography) will also be popular. Oceanography was popular when I was a kid, I remember as many "units" on that as on volcanoes.

Anyway, if you have an old, or new site, please send me the URL, or add it to the directory at http://wavefacts.com

I've pushed up some development on earth-sciences sites related to our retail shop, and registered a few new domains to handle the new niche interest. You can get some promotion as the new sites get linked in to our existing network.
http://wavefacts.com is the first, it's a "template" copy of our enhanced feature set for Links SQL 2.20 (I think, but at least 2.1.2). (People always ask.) No "new" features, and hopefully everything is working.

For those wondering "How to make money with Links SQL" (as in some of the other threads) if you've been following google and google ads, you can see how some of the PSA's have been retargeted, and there are a lot of (apparently paid) ads for relief organizations (since they don't carry the PSA format).

This is *not* a passing thing. It will be years in recovery and redevelopment, and months before anything settles back to nearly "normal." While there are going to inevitably going to be a lot of profiteers, there are legitimate opportunities for site owners to provide information, support, coordinate resources and relief and redevelopment efforts, and more.

The disease and heath issues have not even begun.

Please add your links, or any links missing, to our directory. We'll try to update the thumbnails once a week, adding in those missing. (We *are* working on a real-time thumbnailer, but it's not a simple software-only solution).

This is a disaster, the world-wide implications of which have not yet been felt, and which will be unfolding for years.

Links SQL, GForum, and other GT products gather, organize, and desseminate information really well.

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