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Time Zone
I hate to ask, but searching was nothing but confusing. My time is incorrect
and so are my users I guess.

I can set mine in my profile if I knew how.
If I'm Eastern time USA, what do I put in the box? It is right now displaying
one hour behind the real time.

Do users have to do that themselves?

Or is there a place in the tempates to fix it universally?

What about daylight savings time etc.?

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Re: [dlpsr] Time Zone In reply to
Timezones on the user side are relative to the server's timezone. The setting on the user side is the amount of hours to add or subtract from the server's time.

If all your users are on eastern time and your server is in another timezone, then you can change the global offset: Setup => Miscellaneous => date_offset. Daylight savings will be handled by the server, so the offset will still be the same (at least in most timezones).