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Things that should be options?

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Things that should be options?
I've used DCForum for about six years and am planning to switch to your forum once the new version is released. Some things that DCF does that might be good here are:

- Being able to block certain email domains from registering. On our site we don't allow free email services because we have a lot of junk posters who register multiple accounts and people are a lot less likely to do so if they have to use a real address.

- An option to not allow the same email address to register multiple accounts. Same reason as above, and it's easier to ban people.

- An optional view of a threaded post with all of the threads below (like a DCForum board). It makes threaded view a lot easier to read.

- An option to turn off post icons.

These are things I've actually done myself in the current demo version, so I know they can be done, I just thought others might find them useful too.

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