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Template set?

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Template set?
I've created a "test" directory under /admin/templates. Copied over "forum_view.html" and accessed it through the template editor.

I want to see how badly I can hack this template with my customization efforts, but not at the expense of any live forum users.

My understanding is that to access the template set I should navigate to: http://www.heavybombers.com/...ms/gforum.cgi?t=test

Do I need a complete duplicate set of templates in the /test directory? Because at present all that does is give me the standard "whoops that ain't gonna work" error.

Your guidance appreciated!
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Re: [HeavyBombers] Template set? In reply to
You need to put a file called .tplinfo in the test directory (note the leading dot). The file should contain the following lines
inheritance => '../default'
This makes sure that all the templates and globals that gforum does not find in the test directory are taken from the default directory. Like this, you can experiment as much as you like. Also make sure that the test directory is readable and writeable by the webserver.

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Re: [yogi] Template set? In reply to
Ah, critical step there. Thanks, worked like a charm.

Note to Alex, this would be a candidate for the Manual.

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