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Template help - Titles

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Template help - Titles
Ok, I notice this isn't a problem for Gossamer's own set of templates, but in my version of 1.1.3 the title sections are a little messy. The ":" seperators included with the link and so forth.

In trying to clean this up a little and make the seperation between title elements stand out more, I've run into only one snag and hope you can help me sort it out.


Home Bombardment Groups by Region Atlantic Groups - 8th AF 2nd Air Division, B-24's 389th BG - Hethel B-24 "Tondelao"

Notice how the link for the second to last forum category "2nd Air Division, B-24's" includes a space after the section title which is part of the link (little things like that irritate me). I haven't been able to figure out where in include_title_cat_forum.html this is happening:

I think it's in this section here:

<%GForum::Category::full_name_linked($cat_id, '<font color="#000000"> &raquo; </font>', $title_font, $/title_font, 'gforum.cgi?', $hidden_query)%>


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