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Template Changes

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Template Changes

I saw another post in this forum that there are going to be 'significant' changes to templates in the next version (1.2?).

I am currently doing a complete site re-design and have only recently installed GForum for testing, and am convinced that I will convert over to it BUT before I go full production with it, I would like to save myself some time IF there are going to be significant template changes in the next version.

Could someone from GT please clarify this issue for me please.


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Re: [Clint] Template Changes In reply to
There has been a bit of confusion about this - it's the next major version (2.0.0) that will bring about a massive change, not only in templates but in the whole design and implementation of Gossamer Forum.

The next version, which will most likely be released towards the end of the next week, is version 1.2.0. It has a few minor template fixes here and there, and several entirely new templates related to handling payments, which is the major new feature of 1.2.0 (new releases of GMail and Links SQL offering built-in payment support are expected to follow). Originally, this payment support was going to be a 2.0.0 feature, but due to the timeline of developing 2.0.0 we wanted to bring the feature out in the current 1.x version.

So to put the concern that you and others have to rest, the upcoming 1.2.0 does _not_ involve a major change in templates, and updating 1.1.8 templates to work with the new 1.2.0 ones should be fairly easy.

Jason Rhinelander
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