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Tab order and Focus()

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Tab order and Focus()
I have received a few 'suggestions' from users about the logical placement of the cursor when writing posts or messages. When beginning a new post or message, the focus is places correctly at the subject and recipient, respectively---as it should. Upon replies is a different story. The focus is nowhere to be found! Ideally, the cursor should be in the post/message body. I've tried setting the tabindex to one (I know Jason has specific setting for these and is cringing right now Wink) and inserting a javascript trying to set the focus:

<script language="JavaScript">

Neither works individually or together. I can get the cursor there by hitting enough TAB strokes...I counted..it is the 40th TAB upon page load (yeah, I know...get a life)!

Since I eventually get there, it seems possible to put the focus in the body (advanced editor) on replies, but how to I do this?


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bretzke: Sep 24, 2002, 4:50 AM