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Support for more Markup

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Support for more Markup

I would be glad if future versions of GT Forum would support insertion of code like this:


[IMG http://img2.imagecash.net/preview/268170621.jpg[/IMG][/url]

That would make it so much easier for people to post images in my forum, since this is "standard" at many websites. BY that I mean, that fx imagecash actually pays people to post images in forums like mine, and support for this type of code, would make it so much easier for me, and my future users....

I have removed an ] in IMG] (line 2) so that it didn't insert the image.

Any comments?
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Re: [bannerzone] Support for more Markup In reply to

I removed the one in the main forum and answered it here. =) You can do this with:

[url http://www.gossamer-threads.com/images/powered/gt_blk_btn.gif]Link to image[/url]


[image http://www.gossamer-threads.com/images/powered/gt_blk_btn.gif]

or do you just want the syntax to be the same as other software? By the way, if you do [ followed by a period (.), then Gossamer Forum won't interpret the markup as markup: [b]bold[/b].


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