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Only some observations that just stares me in the face after only 30 minutes or so after setting up Gforums:

1. Add in the category browser that is in Glinks to make adding categories and forums easier and quicker (as well as having a visual of the layout)
2. Make some more options in the miscellaneous link so that I can set some defaults for adding forums (i.e. who can post images, what size they are, what the default timeout period is etc......) having to re-enter them for each forum on a large board is not the way to go when your using a control panel like the one that comes with Gforum. If these are already in the system somewhere then they must not be very intuitive because I havn't run across them yet.

Im sure I'll come up with quite a few of these, but so far it seems (after using Links for a long long time) that the admin panel the way it's currently setup is not the best way to do it for a forum control panel. It works great for Links, but its really lacking for the forum software, especially when your selling it higher than all the other mainstream well known forums are selling for (i.e. vbulletin, ikonboard, phpbb etc etc etc).

I do however appreciate that so much of the actual forums visual look can be customized rather easy. If someone wanted to take the time he/she could make their own forum look completely unlike anyone elses.

Just my opinion of course.

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kamidan: Apr 10, 2006, 7:41 PM