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Suggestion: trash can for deleted posts

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Suggestion: trash can for deleted posts

It would be great if, when a moderator or a user delete a post, this post appears in a «trash can» section only accessible to administrators. This way, the administrators could easily verify which posts is deleted by the moderators or the users and decide which ones need to be deleted or put back in the forum.

I love this script! Each day I have a good thought for Jason, the principal programmer of this script. Thank you, Jason!

François Wink
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Re: [Franco] Suggestion: trash can for deleted posts In reply to
On this forum we have a hidden moderators forum where most bad posts are moved to, whether they be spam or arguments or whatever, then they can be removed or restored or just left.

That's probably the same result as what you desire, although obviously it's not an automatic process...it is up to the moderator to move the thread/post.

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Paul: Feb 24, 2003, 7:37 AM