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Suggestion: Kill File

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Re: [shiner] Suggestion: Kill File In reply to
You must have been quick as I removed it 4 minutes after Jag replied to you and you didn't reply to him until 5 hours later.

As my post explains my plugins are no longer available so I'd prefer you didn't use it (even though you managed to get a copy).
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Re: [shiner] Suggestion: Kill File In reply to
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Has there been any progress on an IGNORE USER plug-in?

I'm considering this feature (at least on a basic level) for GForum 2. The way I see it is that you have the ability to "ignore" any user, which means that their posts either don't show up at all, or show up with just:

[You have ignored this user. Click here to remove them from your ignore list]

Perhaps there will also be some sort of link to show the post anyway - it hasn't been decided for sure how we'll handle this feature.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Suggestion: Kill File In reply to
Thank you! As forums grow, so does the policing responsibility on the administrators. This plugin shifts that burdon onto the community - where it belongs.
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Re: [shiner] Suggestion: Kill File In reply to
Yes I agree, the function really enables users to handle any hastle that comes about between them and another user.

I also think that the idea of indicating that posts are not displayed is an extremely good idea since people may miss anything from an insult (which they may be happy not to see) to some important feedback or info. What you suggests enables them to decide whether to look or not, but they know about it.

Wouldn't it be possible for this function to cover Paul's two plug-ins though. I think they are two of the most important plug-ins in the scope of handing over power to the users to handle difficult situations.

- Blocking Private Messages from specific users.
- Blocking Fourm Messages from specific users.

I understand Paul has his reasons for stopping work on his plug-ins but I think they are two great functions that should be taken up by the official version.

Also the Karma plug-in / A user review opinion system is something that would also be great function that Paul has brought us and would be cool to see in the official release...

Suffice to say, thanks Paul and I hope to see your work echoed in the official release. Wink

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