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Subscription 'bug'

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Subscription 'bug'
I finally got my windows scheduler string straightened out, so now it runs the Subscription routine daily instead of just one the darn time - doh!

Two notes:

1. The subscription send includes markup tags. This can make some messages in the archive difficult to read, especially for less savvy users, and needs to be stripped out. Does the print routine do this and might it be drafted for the task?

That's my current 'top of the list' candidate for 1.1.5. Tongue

2. The e-mail template for the subscription material showed some nice forethought. My first batch of e-mails out had some subject lines like this:

ex. "Re: HeavyBombers Forum - Daily archive of Bombardment Groups by Region: Atlantic Groups - 8th AF: 3rd Air Division, B-17's (some ex B-24 outfits): 388th BG - Knettishall" ....that's just a wee big long <g>.

Fortunately you used "<%site_title%> - Daily archive of <%cat_full_name%>: <%forum_name%>" in the template. So I just stripped out the full name bit and appreciated the ability, so thanks whoever gen'd up the template.
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Re: [HeavyBombers] Subscription 'bug' In reply to
I've posted a bug fix for the markup tags showing up in the subscription here:


Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Subscription 'bug' In reply to
Jason earning those big Sunday overtime bucks, right? Tongue

Thanks, the fix worked.