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Strange Group Behavior - What up?

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Strange Group Behavior - What up?
I tried to add a group, had problems, found the bug listed in this forum. Now that I patched that, I have another issue!

When I do a Users/ Groups / List
I have two users listed in the "moderators of any forum" that are not listed in any of the individual group listings! Very strange.

When I do a Users / List All / Modify Record
Looking at their user records, they belong to the two groups as moderators. I can't seem to alter this here.

I need them to remove them as moderators.
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Re: [DoubleJJ] Strange Group Behavior - What up? In reply to
The "Moderators of any forum" group is automatically handled by Gossamer Forum - if you modify the forum they moderate, and remove them from the moderator list, they will be automatically removed from that group.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Strange Group Behavior - What up? In reply to
I understand the whole "moderators of any forum" intent - but these people were not assigned to moderate any forum. I wound up going into the database and physically removing their entries in the groups table.

They showed as "moderators of any forum" but were not in any individual group listing. Must be some kind of bug related to the "group add" bug that I patched.