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Standard compliant templates

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Standard compliant templates
A few (hopefully constructive) remarks/requests about the current template set (which could be helpful to the delevoper of a new template set):

- it would be very nice, if the html of the templates was 'standard compliant', i.e. valid XHTML, using CSS. That would make a redesign of a site much easier. You would only need to change some CSS file

- using XHMTL and CSS, it would be possible to create many different looking sites with just a few changes in the CSS file. This would certainly be a selling point for GForum.

- if one uses an XHTML 1.0 transitional DTD, the <center> tags center everything, in all tables, in IE6/Win. This is a know bug, and those <center> tags could simply be left away, they don't do any good to any browser, as far as I can see.

- <html> at the beginning of all templates should be replace with <%dtd><html>, so that people can chose their DTD, or leave it empty.

- colours should have more meaningful names than <%dark_green%>, not everbody likes their website to be green (this point has been mentionned before)

That's it for the moment, I'll add more later....

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