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Spider URL while adding

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Spider URL while adding
Just mod my add.pm to spider an url for adding;
problem now is to separate the input.

At the moment i do:


my @lines = split /\n/, $content;

foreach my $line (@lines) {
if($line =~ /meta name="keywords" /i) {
$keywords = $line;

if($line =~ /meta name="description" /i) {
$description = $line;
if($line =~ /<title>/i) {
$title = $line;

Problem with this is code with other format; keywords with two lines or meta name=description instead meta name="description" and one million more ways to write. Any ideas for this?

Sorry, wrong forum, plz move to LSQL ;-)

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Robert: Jun 26, 2005, 5:56 AM