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Spell check

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Spell check
Is there a quick way to add words to the main spell check?

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Re: [ellipsiiis] Spell check In reply to
There is a program called "build_dict.pl" in admin/tools.


[jagerman@jagerman tools]$ perl build_dict.pl

Usage: build_dict.pl dictionary_file [ auto_correct_file ]

where dictionary_file is a file of words, one per line. The auto correct file looks like:

mispelled_word correct_word

admin/GT/SpellCheck contains acorrect.txt, which you should use for the autocorrect file. Attached to this post you will find the dictionary file we created the spellcheck files with.

You simply run the script from the admin path as follows, specifying the words file and the autocorrect file:


perl tools/build_dict.pl /where/you/put/words.txt GT/SpellCheck/acorrect.txt

It produces new dictionary files, and presto - your words are added. You'll have to either do this from shell, or using Fileman's "Command" feature.

Uhg, it's 400KB and the maximum attachment upload is set to 300KB Frown.

You'll have to download it from here: http://www.jagerman.com/words.txt

Jason Rhinelander
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