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Smiley bug in 1.1.5

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Smiley bug in 1.1.5
I added some new smilies under the Markup menu from admin. Everything works fine, images are uploaded and linked to correctly. I added the smilies down the left of the text box, with the others, when you're writing a post. In plain text mode they *all* work fine, but I've just found out in HTML mode, not all of them do.

The ones that work are the ones that were already there. I changed the image used for most of them, but [shocked] worked and others that had already been in the system. But *new* smilies, like [clown] I added, even though they work in text mode, refuse to work in HTML mode. Images should be linked to .../gfx/forum/name.gif, but the ones that don't work for some reason link to .../cgi-bin/forum/undefined - even though the links are set up correctly from admin.

What's the problem here??

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Thread Smiley bug in 1.1.5 telemachus 1372 May 30, 2002, 3:52 AM
Post Re: [wickedmoon] Smiley bug in 1.1.5
Jagerman 1300 Jun 5, 2002, 12:10 PM