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Smiley bug in 1.1.5

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Smiley bug in 1.1.5
I added some new smilies under the Markup menu from admin. Everything works fine, images are uploaded and linked to correctly. I added the smilies down the left of the text box, with the others, when you're writing a post. In plain text mode they *all* work fine, but I've just found out in HTML mode, not all of them do.

The ones that work are the ones that were already there. I changed the image used for most of them, but [shocked] worked and others that had already been in the system. But *new* smilies, like [clown] I added, even though they work in text mode, refuse to work in HTML mode. Images should be linked to .../gfx/forum/name.gif, but the ones that don't work for some reason link to .../cgi-bin/forum/undefined - even though the links are set up correctly from admin.

What's the problem here??

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Re: [wickedmoon] Smiley bug in 1.1.5 In reply to
Hi Jason,

In order for the advanced editor to handle the smilies, you need to edit the 'editor.js' template in the 'common' template set. There is a var Faces section in here which lists all the default smilies - if you add your new icons to the list everything should work properly.

Jason Rhinelander
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