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Signup Templates

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Signup Templates
This is a request for a small change of the signup routine (in GForum::User).

I would very much appreciate it if the signup routine could be changed in such a way that all the fields in the user table are passed to the template as template vars. Maybe you would have to exclude some fields (because of a possible security threat).

That would allow you to include any field from the user table in the "signup" template (you can already do this now), and (this is the change) the user's input would be preserved if the user makes a mistake (e.g. enters non-matching passwords). At the moment only "username", "password" and "email" are preserved (if entered correctly).

It's no big deal to change the sub myself, but I'd rather not, and I think other users would also appreciate the change.

Let me know what you think about this.

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Re: [yogi] Signup Templates In reply to
That's already been changed for 1.1.2 Smile

Jason Rhinelander
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