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Show Real Name in forum_last_poster

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Show Real Name in forum_last_poster
I am trying to figure out how to get the forum_last_poster field to display user_real_name as opposed to user_name.

I am setting up a small forum with a limited number of users (approx 400) The forum is a closed and is for an aircraft restoration organization that I belong to and any future members will be added by the admin (me).

As such I would rather use Real Names as opposed to Usernames wherever possible throughout the entire forum. I see that a lot of these tags can simply be replaced in the templates, but there are a one or two causing me a bit of a headache Unsure

One of these being the forum_last_poster column which I assume would be updated with the current_user_name when a post is made to that forum. In which case it makes sense that I should be able to modify it so that it is updated with the user_real_name instead. Please tell me if I am on the wrong track here.

If this is in fact correct, can someone point me to where I might be able to find the code that does in fact update the forum_last_poster field, as I am not having much luck in locating it.

I would really appreciate any help you guys might be able to give me on this

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