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Setup Problem

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Setup Problem
I am trying to setup a test forum using the demo software but keep getting a "Cannot Connect to Database" error. My website is:


The host service is:


This service runs an Apache server and the "SiteMadeEasy" tools to add support for MYSQL databases. I am using a MYSQL database called "forum".

The following is how I have filled out the setup dialog boxes (passwords obviously not copied):

FTP Server: ftp.audioheritage.org Port 21

Login Name: **************

Password: **************

Path for CGI's: /home/audioheritage/www/cgi-bin (create directory box not checked since already exists)

URL to CGI's: www.audioheritage.org/cgi-bin

Path for Images: /home/audioheritage/www/images (create directory box not checked since already exists)

URL to Images: www.audioheritage.org/images

Use CGI Wrapper (unchecked)

Database Type: MySQL

Database Name: forum

Login Name: forum

Login Password: *********

Hostname: Localhost

Prefix: forum

Drop Existing Tables: (unchecked)

Path to Perl on Remote System: /usr/bin/perl

Administation Email Address: lansing@audioheritage.org

Email Server: /usr/sbin/sendmail

After clicking Install, test.cgi is sucsessfully uploaded but then I get a "can't connect to database" error during setup. One thing I noticed is that the setup screen above asks for a database login name. The "SiteMadeEasy" tools indicate that there is no username - just the database name and password.

Any help greatly apprecaited.
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