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Selective displaying of users in Member Directory

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Selective displaying of users in Member Directory
Is there a way to only display certain users in the member directory. For two reasons I think this would be interesting :
1) Groups of people would be kept together and it may be necessary / desirable to keep personal info available only to group members and not just anybody who looks through the member directory. Some people may want to provide more info about themselves but on a selective basis i.e. a group.

2) In the case of the mailing plug-in, I have anyone who sends a mail appearing in the member directory with their reply email appearing as their username. I can have the discussion hidden by using the groups function but then the emails appear in the member directory.

There are probably other valid reasons but I came across these ones so far.

Is it possible to use code from the main index page that will hide / display forums based on groups for hiding /displaying members by groups for example ?

Thanks, Jag
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Re: [Jag] Selective displaying of users in Member Directory In reply to
Currently it is not possible to do this; the only control you have is on who may and who may not use the member directory. We are, however, investigating a complete internal reworking of Gossamer Forum that will allow very customizable permission settings - basically, any action will be able to be limited to any type of user and/or any group permission.

I can't say for sure when this will be available, however it will most likely be in the form of a 2.0 release, and will definately appear before the end of the year.

Jason Rhinelander
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