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Second set of tempates

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Second set of tempates
I spent some time looking but I couldn't find anything concerning a second set of user templates. I wanted to offer users the ability to swap between templates like in LinksSQL but I'm not sure this works in the forum ?

Thanks, John
Significant Media
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Re: [Jag] Second set of tempates In reply to

Gossamer Forum comes by default with two user-selectable template sets, "default" and "default_top". They are selected from the User Profile -> Display Settings page (the first setting). Allowing users to select alternate template sets is simple - once the new template set is ready to go, just modify the display profile page, and add the new template set as a new dropdown in the select list.

For testing purposes, Gossamer Forum, like Links SQL, looks for "t=..." in the URL, to allow you to override your default template set. For example, 't=default' will always use the "default" template set, regardless of what template set you've chosen. This allows you to test out a new template set while building it.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Second set of tempates In reply to
Thanks, I've still got quite a bit of work on a new set of templates.
I was thinking of getting an answer in a few hours when I get up and was a bit surprised when I saw you'd already answered. Wink

Also I just saw that a I can create general variables like font colours etc. specifically for the new set I create, wonderful.

Thanks again,

Significant Media