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Search date param?

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Search date param?
I'm trying to search for "Not validated" users from before today. I don't want to send out my "so you signed up but never validated" message to those who signed up today and just haven't had the chance yet.

However, it looks like I can't do that. They're not registered so I can't search for registered users who aren't validated. They've never logged on since they're not validated so can't search for that one either.

What's the easy fix that I'm missing?
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Re: [HeavyBombers] Search date param? In reply to

Can you not do a search for 'Status = Not Validated' and 'Last Seen < 2002-04-10'? Seems to work on our admin here.


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Re: [Alex] Search date param? In reply to
Hmmm, I can sort by Last Seen but I don't see where that's a search parameter.

Also, never in a million years would I ever think to use that date format. Maybe a small text queue somewhere about that date format would be handy?