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Search Weight in Forums?

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Search Weight in Forums?
I use the INTERNAL indexing method for my forums, So I Guess that the search weight will allow me to better customize results. problem is that it looks as if it is fixed in 4 for post_subject and 1 for post_message and I can NOT modify it. In links SQL If I want to modify a search weight I just use the table editor and that's it, in the forums the tables do not have links where I can click to modidy the weights. please help me.

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Re: [jaltuve] Search Weight in Forums? In reply to
It was done in GForum to prevent people from modifying columns that are absolutely required for the smooth operation of GForum. The downside to this, however, is that it makes it is not possible to easily modify things like the search weight. There is, however, a way to circumvent the protection - but make sure you only change the search weights, and not any other column properties.

Go to:


Changing 'post_subject' to 'post_message' will let you edit the post_message column.

Jason Rhinelander
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