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Search Engine Friendly Templates

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Search Engine Friendly Templates

I inserted the "Search Engine Friendly Templates" yesterday.
But i use two different "Templates" - "default" and "default2".
In the " Admin-Menu" i inserted "default" for my "Users" as "default template".
Everybody will see the same "Template" by looking at the Forum, but after
they are
logged in they can decide which one they like more.

I don`t use the "Templates" from the file " search_engine".
So i have changed the ".htaccess-file" and deleted the "t=search_engine".

If a "Search Engine Friendly URL" is called, it is partly linked from the
Template default 2 to default, and partly with "t=search_engine".
The ".tplinfo" takes me then to "Template""default", allthough the profile
is in "default2" Template.

How is it possible to use 2 really different Templates with the "Search
Engine Friendly Templates" , without jumping from one Template to another ?

greeting hoefti
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Ratgeber Recht
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Re: [hoefti] Search Engine Friendly Templates In reply to
Just a guess.

I installed the templates, and now have to edit the default and search_engine sets together.

I would take a guess that you could follow the instructions for putting the templates in a different location, and then set up your server to use the urls:



Or servername.com/en


and then have a link on the top of each set that will allow a user to flip from one set to another.

You could use some javascript trickery to try to pick a default set, if you have your

domainname.com/ point to one of the forums, or you could just set it to the default set, and let the users pick a set after that.

Might work. Couldn't say for sure :)

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