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Some of you may recall I was having difficulty getting speedyCGI to run on a shared Cobalt RaQ server. Now it appears my problems are over. WOOOHOOO!

After numerous e-mails with Sam Horrocks, developer of speedyCGI, he figured it out. My opertaing system was not passing along the correct path during the make. The fix was pretty simple after he figured it out.

The real kicker was I had to edit speedy's src/optdefs file and change the default value for BackendProg to the location where I wanted speedy_backend installed. Then after I went through the make process I had to modify the gforum.cgi script. I changed the shebang line to point to speedy and I added a "use lib" that points to the speedyCGI module.


I do have a question though. Why is it I do not need to modify the path to perl in the admin setup? What is that for?
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Re: [Eric P] SPEEDY ROCKS! In reply to
The admin thing is just for you, the administrator, to use, so it most likely won't be getting enough traffic for it to become a resource hog.

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Re: [Eric P] SPEEDY ROCKS! In reply to
Hi Eric,

I just want to know where you get the source code of speedycgi for cobalt version raq4. On which perl version you have tried? Does that not related anyway to perl or it effects perl?

Please help me in figuring out the how to install speedycgi on cobalt raq4.

-Thanks in advance,
Praveen kumar.
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Re: [b_praveen_kumar] SPEEDY ROCKS! In reply to
This sounds like something I could use too. Here is where I found additional info on it:


However, after reading the documentation - one needs root level access on the server to install this script. I am only one account on a sharred server. Is there any way for me to see if this has been installed on the server first? I will send the info to the host and see if they will install it, but I would prefer to be able to run it from my account -- locally on the server rather than globally. Any ideas or comments?


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