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SMS / Pager notification suggestion

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SMS / Pager notification suggestion
It would be nice if the database kept track of 2 or even 3 email addresses that the user can edit.

WHY you ask?

When you ask for notifications of new messages (replies, forums, threads) you would be able to select which email(s) to send the notifications to. (kind of the way Yahoo Calendars let's you do that)

I have the notifications sent to my cellphone (SMS) and/or pager and it would be nice to keep my main address listed for password verification email, etc. and have the other emails for the misc. notification pages.

Thanks - I just *KNOW* you will do it...

ps: and if you could also add the option of selection notification for MSN Messenger, Yahoo messenger and ICQ / AOL Messenger, too, while you are at it ?

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Peter544: Apr 2, 2002, 10:23 AM