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SEO Optimization for GThreads Forum

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SEO Optimization for GThreads Forum
I have a GT Forum with mod rewrite intalled but I have seen thta the search engines are not indexing the posts' content.
Seems that this type of SEO (mod-rewrite) works only partially.

In this type of forum, the search engines scan an index every word and not only the thread subject:

Seems that it creates single html pages: the GT forum support said to me that is not possible to create html pages due to the fact that th forum is dynamic, but with the phpBB does it?

I would appreciate a forum upgrade that will improve the SEO. New emoticons are good but, I think, that a better SEO will improve the contents that we put in the forums.

Please, could you tell me how to improve tha SEO and makes every word of the single posts indexed by SEngines?

I will appreciate an help on this, I don't want to pass to phpBB, I use GT forum by many years with great satisfation.
Thank you for your help.
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Re: [DavidRoma] SEO Optimization for GThreads Forum In reply to
I know webmaster world does that as well create static pages... It would actually be a cool way to relive the load on the server if a page would be created as a static page and the forum would just create a new page, when an update was added.. this would be similar to what sql links does, and this way the server isn't serviing the same pages over and over again.
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Re: [DavidRoma] SEO Optimization for GThreads Forum In reply to

Here are some SEO advices for beginners i can say.

First of all i am in this field for over 3 years. I can say that i don't like the time spent and that's why i hired someone. But before that here is what i have manage to learn:

1. Link Directories - Good only for PR (google case)
Example: I paid about 300$ for links on many directories, on PR3-5 pages. All good. When google crawled some of them the PR went to 1 or 2.
Conclusion - Don't waist your time too much and especially the money on those.

2. Social Bookmarking - 100 digs for some pages
Example: I had a Web 2.0 Design Tutorial website and got about 100 digs for some articles, technorati, del.icio.us and so on.
When checking backlinks digg.com showed only 5 of them.
Conclusion - Pretty good but make sure your article is 110% original.

3. Article Submission - 20 articles on "famous" article directories
Example: As i was writing the tutorials i thought "let's publish them".
Backlinks - very few after so much work

4. Link Exchange websites - Paid about 50$/monthly for 3 link exchange websites.
Example: I added my website to this websites and received about 400 links every month. I added a link exchange script with the "nofollow" attribute ON. I even added the disallow rule in .htaccess. All good so far.
After 3 months i got about 10 emails from different people asking me to remove their links because their sites were banned from Google.
Conclusion: Don't do this kind of link exchange.REALLY DON'T. Your link will end on a 100 link page which of course will end to banning from Google and who knows others too.

5. Paid Traffic - About 50$/monthly for as they said " 3000 unique visitors"
Example - Because i did not had the time to surf other websites i paid for this services.
Conclusion: Google Analytics was telling me that from 3000 visitors/monthly i got only 200 from that site.
Alexa was the only one who showed that i had heavy traffic. But if you don't pay for 1 month the Alexa rank will go down too. Don't waist your time with this.


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