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Remove User as Moderator

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Remove User as Moderator

Had to remove a user from the EXHALTED position of Moderator Wink and make him a "normal" user. I removed his name from the list of the forums he moderated, and thought that was that.

The next day, he surprised me with a post in the Moderator forum!

So, I checked around, and found the "User Group" (or something "Group", sorry, I do not have MySQL open right now to check!) and he was in there as group 3 (normal user, correct) and 5 (Moderator- NOT correct!)

Seems to me that having to go into a SQL table to do that sort of editing is weird, so I thought I would post. Did I miss something- is there a place to "downgrade" someone's membership... or is this something that should be addressed?


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