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Lookin good.

smileys need to be picked for the most popular used ones, cuz we got some repeating going on. Well, the tag info is different but they still look the same ie, sarcastic and crazy. One other note ... maybe the word equivolent ones should be used since you can double check which emotion you're going for rather than facial expression which might not convey exactly the same for other nationalities ....... Also, if some one is not sure of the meaqning of the icon they can mouse over and see the word equivolent.


I just clicked url and it changed to / url ... one problem you might want to add a reset button ... I clicked url then erased it and still have / url showing .... just an idea

ummm ... I still like the locations for smileys/code at the top or to the right -- not so far to mouse over to.

Did you peek at phpBB2 ??? Sly

hehe, this board is really getting there !!! When do I get my copy ??? Wink

last comment :

dam dam dam this is really sweet

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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