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Re: [carfac] Forum 2.0 suggestion!

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I banned a user, which, as you know, bans them from the current forum. Might be nice to be able to ban the user at the Category and Complete Board level, too.

This is already more-or-less present in the current version. In the post data section, you have:

Ban: User | IP | Site IP
Disable: User

The first two are visible to moderators; administrators can see all of them. The "Site IP" one bans their IP from the entire GForum installation (Admin -> Users -> Bans), and the Disable one disables the user entirely. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent them from signing up for another account - but a ban on the user obviously can't prevent this (but the Site IP ban can).

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On a not-so-serious note, an otion I have seen in other forums which might make a nice addition is the ability to make a forum not count toward a users total posts... like say a Foo directrory or a test directory. No so important, but thought I would throw it out!

That's certainly an interesting idea; I'll add it to the "good idea" list.

Jason Rhinelander
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