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Re: [brewt] fetchrow_hashref

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Adrian, many thanks for your reply.

I looked for the properties of infopsy_Post_tree with MySQLMAN and I got this reply:


MySQL said: Can't open file: 'infopsy_Post_tree.MYD'. (errno: 145).

Query: describe infopsy_Post_tree

From this, I suspect that your idea is correct, but I can't figure what I should do.

What would the correct permissoins be ? How do I do a "myiasmchk" ? How can this happen to a perfectly working forum ? Is there an unidentified problem I should know about?

I'm really not advanced in this area. I need beginner-friendly advice. Can you help ?

Jean Garneau
webmaster : redpsy.com, infopsy.com. provirtuel.com
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