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How do I get around the html markup tags?

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How do I get around the html markup tags?

We wish to explain to our users certain tags that they can use in their messages.

In almost all forums that we visit, anything wrapped in a code tag will not be translated by the forum, it will print out exactly as it was typed in. This doesn't seem to be the case for Gossamer Forums.

For example, we want to explain that to display such and such, they would type into their message

[c cardname][/c]

And that would display (the markup tag as we designed it)

However when we do that in Gforum, it just displays the actual markup tag instead and we have no way of explaining to the user through examples what certain markup tags do for them.

I suppose I could say, Type in the following

(c cardname)(/c) replacing the ( ) with [ ]

However this is less than elegant (we don't really want to have to explain why we had to use ( ) instead of the actual proper brackets) and it would be preferable to just type in the actual markup tag within the code tags to get the forum to display the actual code instead of translating it to the markup tag.

Isn't that the purpose of the code tag anyway? Isn't it supposed to ignore everything and post exactly what the user has put inbetween the code tag? On every other forum that we run it is.

Any help on this situation would be greatly appreciated as we have a lot of specialized tags that we want to explain by example to the users.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Westin: May 17, 2009, 12:36 PM
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Re: [Westin] How do I get around the html markup tags? In reply to
Code tag is really just a formatting thing (just sets the font to a fixed width font). If you want to have a literal tag, just put a . after the [
For example:
[code]This is a code tag[/code]
The actual thing you type in is:
[.code]This is a code tag[./code]

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Re: [brewt] How do I get around the html markup tags? In reply to
I'll be darned, all that frustration for nothing. Guess I should have asked sooner.

That works fine.

Thank you.