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Hi Folks

Any chance of changing the quote layout. I've been reading a few Google Usenet groups recently, and their quote feature is rather 'sexy'. If I wanted to quote a few words it would append > to the beginning of the line and change the font color. For example:

> This is a quote from an earlier message.

Any chance of this? Or maybe this can be a simple hack later on, I guess!



- wil
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Re: [Wil] Quote Layout In reply to

what you are looking for is already there! Go to the admin center and select Markup -> Tags -> Modify -> quote and /quote, and you will be able to enter any html code you like.

BTW, how can I write markup tags as text in the forum, e.g. <quote>, but with < replaced by [ and with > replaced by ]?

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Re: [yogi] Quote Layout In reply to
Aha. I guess I should download the latest copy before posting ;-)


- wil